Bee Green Service

Help us do our part to protect the environment while protecting your home with VIKING'S

At VIKING, we are doing everything we can to promote a more environmentally conscious approach to our work from Hybrid cars that get nearly 50 miles to the gallon to providing helpful tips that prevent pest problems from occurring to offering a "greener" method of pest control to our customers, called Be Green Service!


  • Thorough Inspections
  • Structural Improvements to Help Keep Pests Out!
  • Only Eco-Friendly Materials used during service
  • Optimized Service Schedule for Maximum Results

Offers customers a new way of dealing with pest problems. In this program we not only monitor and treat your house for pests, but we provide thorough inspections that will point out vulnerable entry points to pests that can get into your house. From there we can repair or improve your home's vulnerability by sealing, closing, or minimizing these areas.


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